Liberal Lockdown and Beyond

PCC? What the heck is it?

March 13, 2021 Woking Liberal Democrats
Liberal Lockdown and Beyond
PCC? What the heck is it?
Show Notes
The local election is fast approaching. Woking residents will go to the polls on May 6th to have their say on who represents their Borough, their County and as their Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC).  

In this episode Liberal Democrat Candidate Dale Roberts explores the issues that will help you decide where to place your vote. He is joined by Lib Dem Cllrs Will Forster (Woking Borough Council and Surrey County Council) and Paul Kennedy (Mole Valley and standing for Surrey's PCC).  

We ask why the council tax bills, landing on our doorsteps recently, included such a large increase and how we can hold the Surrey Police to account on delivering a safer county and exactly who decides on the budget to achieve it. 

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